Activated charcoal body scrub - I'm soft and detoxified

I make my own heavy duty body scrub with a big helping of activated charcoal. It's fun getting "dirty" and black then rinsing off skin that is purified, satin smooth,and totally prepped for globs of moisturizer that melts right into my skin. Needless 2 say, my skin is to die for. Add some scrubby gloves to the ritual and welcome the skin that has been hiding since you were a babe.

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charcoal source?
by: curious

Activated charcoal seems to come in many forms with a wide range of pricing. where do you recommend buying activated charcoal for the body scrub and for making dog biscuits?
antone have a good recipe for the biscuits?

Buy Activated Charcoal
by: HFHR

A good source for buying activated charcoal is They have every type of activated charcoal and charcoal products you can imagine. Also a great source for more activated charcoal information!

Where I buy my charcoal
by: Vanessa

I buy the charcoal for my body scrubs and masks from I'm very happy with their products.

Charcoal in dog biscuits
by: Jasper

Curious, I would not recommend putting charcoal in your dog biscuits as it can absorb any of the vitamins and nutrients that you are also putting in the cookies. If you are doing this for their doggy breath I would recommend putting in some fresh peppermint leaves ( not peppermint EO ) into the recipe instead.

Charcoal Absorbing Vitamins
by: HFHR

It's true that activated charcoal will absorb vitamins, nutrients, medications or anything that was put in your stomach within 2 hours of taking it. This is true for both people and animals so the trick is to give your pet (or human) the charcoal 2 hours before or after feeding him or her anything! When used properly activated charcoal can be a very useful home remedy.

My dog gets a frequent upset stomach and when I give him a charcoal capsule it seems to help immensely. I also offer it to my free range chickens once in a while and sometimes they'll gobble it up in a day and sometimes it will last a week or more. I guess they know whether they need it or not!

Not True
by: Anonymous

Activated charcoal will not absorb nutrients. It will only absorbs things that do not belong in the body. So if you want to add it to your dog biscuits... Go Ahead!

Therapeutic Action: Activated Charcoal works by ADSORPTION, which is an Electrical Action, rather than Absorption, which is a Mechanical Action. Activated Charcoal ADSORBS MOST Organic and Inorganic Chemicals, that do NOT belong in the Body, but it does NOT ADSORB Nutrients!

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