Acid reflux reduced with yellow ginger

by Irene Palad
(Jeddah, KSA)

I sliced the raw yellow ginger root (tumeric), boiled it and added the yellowish liquid to plain tea, it reduced my acid reflux where usually around 5 in the morning I feel lots of discomfort. I know it is still there but it is REDUCED, the bad tasting fluid became very minimal and the discomfort seem gone as well. I will keep drinking this yellow ginger tea recipe until I experience something adverse or different, otherwise it will be part of my daily diet as long as the yellow ginger is available.

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by: YinYang

I’m glad that the information provided turned out to be a bonus for you. I was taking about a ‘thumb’ of fresher ginger daily in fresh fruit juice. Due to the complications from radiation treatment I’m unable to taste or masticate solid food. Virtually all of my nourishment is taken in liquid form. This is how I managed to ‘load up’ on gingerol and thin out my blood to near catastrophic limits. The concept of Yin & Yang is inescapable. Balance is the ultimate key to life and well being. This applies particularly to food consumption. Ginger is an alkaline substance which many of us think of as purely beneficial. There’s that damned rule again – balance! Bottom line, excessive amounts of a good thing can turn into a bad thing!
Good luck with your regimen, may ginger save the day!

Yellow ginger blood thinning effect
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the additional information about the blood thinning effect of ginger. I am actually taking Ginkgo tablets everyday for this purpose which is costly in this place where I am, for that I can save on Ginkgo bills. Just to elaborate on the tea recipe, it is 1/3 part ginger liquid and 2/3 tea, not all ginger by itself. Keep posting please.

by: YinYang

I'm very pleased that your condition has been relieved by using ginger. Big "But."
Be aware that "Gingerol" the active medicinal in gingeroot is a serious blood thinner, similar to warfarin.
My personal experience involved nosebleeds which were frequent, obnoxious and required numerous ER visits.
I had to figure this out on my own as the medics totally overlooked it, even though my dietary intake was provided to them.
Ginger has also been proven effective in treating athritis, migraines and other maladies. Just use it in proportion to need.

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