Acid Reflux Diet

Acid Reflux Diet

1. Avoid spicy and acidic - foods you must first avoid spicy and acidic foods that can damage the esophagus and sphincter.

2. Stop of smoking the chemicals in cigarettes causes more irritation and cause reflux problems. It is recommended that you have finally quit smoking. My report addressing reflux leads to natural healing to stop smoking.

3 Limit coffee and - a good caffeine tip would be to moderate your consumption of coffee in the morning. The coffee acid can also cause damage to the esophagus. A good idea would be to eat an Apple that will be as you wake up in the morning.

4 Drink water after every meal - this reflux remedy varies from person to person. But in most cases, the wash water of the own sphincter after each meal and create a seal tight to keep stomach acid in the stomach.

5. Two teaspoons of honey gross-Take 2 teaspoons of honey raw whenever you feel a reflux flare-up. Honey in liquid form has been known to fight bacteria, block infection, inflammation of combat, reduce pain and improve circulation. It also stimulates regrowth of tissues.

6 Chew your food for longer by chewing your food longer, you can actually reduce the risk of food to scratch and irritate the esophagus and sphincter. Make it a habit to properly chew your food longer. Take 2 weeks to build this good habit.

7 soft foods are best for day two first treatment, you should avoid foods crisp. Hard, crunchy foods can irritate the esophagus.
Diet for acid reflux

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