A recipe to make a quick salve

by Susan

I love homemade salves but don't always have time to make them so I came up with my own quick recipe. I simply mix about 1/2 to one teaspoon of tincture to about 1 ounce body lotion. I use comfrey tincture for my aches and pains and even though it's a little runny it's still very effective. I guess it's more of an ointment than a salve but it has the same benefits.

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Herbal Salve
by: aimee

I am having so much fun on your site, thank you for the great information!
I am having breast reduction surgery in a month or so and would like to make my own salve(s) to aid the healing process. I would like to use a coconut oil base. I have some fresh comfrey. Could you please make a suggestion or what herbs i should use? I really appreciate your time!
Thank you!!!

Salve to Fight Infection
by: HFHR

Hi Aimee,

Good additions to your herbal salve would be goldenseal and/or echinacea. Both are excellent for fighting infections. If you want something less expensive you could use Thyme.

Another addition I would highly recommend would be calendula. Calendula is great for the skin and may even reduce scarring.

If you want to add any essential oils to your salve I'd try tea tree (Melaleuca) or oregano essential oil. (add essential oils to salve after it is removed from any heat source you may be using).

Don't over do it. Use your comfrey and one or two herbs to fight infection plus the calendula and you should have a wonderful salve!

Good luck on your procedure!

Vitamin E & Scarring
by: Anonymous

Adding Vitamin E oil to any salve is more than a preservative. Vit E also reduces scarring . Using straight Vit on the wound will not only make the scarring less but will make it heal much faster.

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