A Mom of 7 boys

by Cleo

I used a Bread and Milk poultice on a scratch from gardening. My Dr. opened it up and stuffed in gauze, after that treatment, it was still oozing stuff. I used a Bread and Milk poultice overnight. I didn't want it to scab over, so when I saw the starting of a scab, I lifted it up with my finger nail. Surprise! It was not a scab, but a 1 inch sliver. The poultice pulled it to the surface along with the pus and infection.
My Mom, (1913-2010) said they used poultices on farm animals, cheaper than a Vet. She also used it on an old Tom cat I had as a child, (early '50's) Cat was always fighting and getting infections. Bread and milk poultice did the trick. It also helped that the old Tom licked and licked the spot, liking the milk. I have 7 boys, now grown. I successfully used the poultice on knees, elbows, or anywhere infected. Overnight, it pulls out the pus and infection. You see it on the overnight Poultice bandage. Soften bread in milk. Squeeze out some of the milk, but still wet and gooey, put it on the wound. Wrap with plastic wrap to keep the moisture in. Use medical tape to keep the plastic tight and the moisture from leaking out. Leave it on all night, it may need a couple of nights, or daytime if possible. You may be surprised what comes out, slivers, rocks, plus the infection.

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how to keep poultice wrap on a cat
by: Anonymous

I found it quite interesting and hopeful to use a poultice on an animal. Yet how do you keep a wrap on a dog or cat?

Are you using 100% Whole Milk in Poultices?
by: PJ

Milk has growth hormones. Does that matter when making the poultices?

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